Thursday, July 24, 2008


So since my lovely Aunt Stacey has been trying to get me to blog- I dedicate this one to her. I love it. This is in front of the Silver Spur- hopefully this is a funny memory now. This was nearly a year ago- It'll be our 1 year anniversary on Monday.

Summer has been whizzing by and I have mostly taken no pictures of all the fun. I really wish you could see my mom and I floating off the sailboat in the delta- it was glorious.

I have been baby-growing for 11 weeks strong now. Everything has been remarkably great. Here is the common stuff everyone has been wanting to be in the know about: I have suffered no morning sickness. I definitely haven't been able to tolerate anything with a red sauce- good by Italian food for now. I am loving lemon, lime, jalapenos, avocados, fruit, fruit, fruit, and all kinds of Asian food- especially if there are noodles involved. There is really no belly to show yet but when there is I will be brave enough to expose myself on the Internet to you all.
As for the gender, we are really leaning more and more towards not finding out until the healthy kid is born. Surprise is fun! So eager beavers may have to wait until February. Make sure you vote!
As for names- we are adding to our lists daily and love suggestions at this point.
We want to name our kid something different, but not weird. Being teachers has made this whole name thing very difficult because of connections to past students- some things can never be forgotten. Let's just say as much as we love our students, some names can never be used for our child. Maybe later on there will be another vote for this. Orange you glad my Aunt Stacey encouraged this. =) I hope all is well with everyone. Stay in touch by leaving a comment or email me . Hug Hug Kiss Kiss