Friday, November 28, 2008

The Turkey Waddle

Well, the final trimester is here and this baby is obviously thriving in the womb. (as you can observe in the pictures) We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we wish we could have been with all of you near and far. We got to spend some time with my relatives here in the Bay Area, and it was fun to think of all the babies that I've watched join that Thanksgiving/ Easter crowd over the years and how ours is next!
I am doing really well these days, especially with only 3 more weeks of work in my future! I am keeping up with my prenatal yoga, which has been miraculous with the changes of carrying around 20 extra pounds (and growing). It also has been so helpful to make other new mom friends and have a consistent group of support as the transition into mommy-land and towards birth continues to grow closer! (only 10 more weeks until the due date!)
Danny and I have also started birth classes. We are learning a lot and getting some good practice. There are some great stories we can tell from these. Like how the teacher acts out contractions for a realistic 60-90 seconds. We are talking full blown sound effects and on the floor action. Needless to say she is hilarious and has us doing some good active practice each class for pain coping strategies. Not only are we learning a lot about our options and possibilities, but physically getting to practice for the real deal.

That about all for now, I hope all is well with everyone and we would love to hear from you all soon! That would be a picture of me warming up for Christmas Bocce ball.......................................................>>>>>
Orange you glad for all the holiday treats? I am! I could eat all the oranges on the top of my blog if they were real- how is that for a Meganized pregnancy craving? Typical.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Juno days

Here I am as Juno for Halloween, chugging Sunny D. As you can see the bump is growing everyday! I am in my sixth month now and time is flying at this point. It is hard to believe that in just a few months there will be a baby in the house...
Every Monday I am going to a prenatal yoga class. It has been so fun to meet new people and learn new ways to use yoga in pregnancy and for birth. There are 2 other ladies in my class who are teachers and happen to have gone to high school in the same school district where I did, small world!
Danny is doing well and getting really excited about being a dad. He is doing his Friday night dance routine (with headband) in this picture. We are really in full baby swing these days with birth classes starting this week, expos, and meeting doulas. Other than that our lives are full with teaching. We are so excited about the holidays because it signifies my finishing of work and the most difficult part of the school year ending. Hope everyone had a safe an fun Halloween and I hope to hear from you soon!
Orange you glad for the pumpkins?