Saturday, December 26, 2009

Barefoot Santa

 Happy Holidays from the barefoot Santa! Although our Christmas plans to go visit Danny's Dad in Portland, Oregon were foiled because Kierran had a nasty case of Roseola, he still recovered and enjoyed  his first Christmas in Clayton at Grammy and Grampy Martins.
Here he is at home in Capitola with our tree- if you look closely you can see surfing Santa is hanging ten to the right of Kierran's head.
Another one for me? He enjoyed the wrappings, just as we suspected...
Can I have one please? I know that's the good stuff...
I think I love you Uncle Jason. 
Grammy gave me one of momma's old baby dolls. Everyone was so surprised how happy I was when I pulled it out of the bag and saw my little friend's face.

The standard visit to the Ghiglieri's, my Childhood friends, big fat Italian Christmas, only the visit was cut short this year by a needy napper in the picture, can you guess who?
Baby's first prime rib and yorkshire pudding. The horseradish face was a classic.. should have had the camera ready.
Tired, tired baby with Grammy and Grampy. 
Well, another fabulous holiday! Can't wait until next Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

months gone by

What you really want to hear is:

little bear for Halloween

I made it to the top! Kierran climbs Half Dome, in the picture at least, at Yosemite right before Thanksgiving.
Happy Holidays everyone!
Since my last post was in August, there is too much catching up to do. The pictures to most of the talking. There has been a major blog stall since I returned to work full time in early August. Everything is going fine with that, although I would much rather not have to work full time and just be with my baby! Of course the first month transitioning back was pretty brutal, but we survived. Since then we have had a pretty lock step daily/weekly routine to get by and some recovery on the weekends after we sort out what the work week left behind (mainly lots of laundry and piles of mail). Mostly we have just been staying local and enjoying our neighborhoods walkability. We still visit the beach daily, if not more on the weekends.
As for my latest mommy brag...
Since August, Kierran moved into crawling, pulling to standing and now cruising around the coffee table or pushing his walker. Kierran's daycare is awesome and he has lots of fun there. He loves the other kids and his caregiver, and they love him too. One of his favorite activities is dancing. As one of his reports from his caregiver said, "he danced to the music, danced to the wind chime, danced to phone ringing." He has a sweet head bang and elvis leg move.
He eats anything and everything, most desirable if it is on the floor. He babbles endlessly, and when he wakes up from a nap or at 5:30 in the morning we hear mama, mama, mama. He also says dada or paba, something of the mix. Intentional or not it is pretty darn intoxicating, except at 5 am. When he wants milk he often says, boom boom... you can derive your own explanation for that one. He is also a fan of the ever so popular goo goo ga ga. Our new favorite is when he seems to be saying "what's that?", sounds more like "whatha" with a look of inquiry. He loves been chased on all fours around the coffee table, or anywhere in the house for that matter. Every night around 6 there is a good deal of laughter and giggles to be heard at our house. Thank goodness, after a long stressful workday we all need it!
It is just hard to believe that last year at this time Kierran was
and now he will be a year old in 2 months!!!