Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time for Cookies!

Danny in his new wet suit baby carrier

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that you are ready for the new year. We spent our first Christmas in Santa Cruz with my mom, dad, brother and our friends Katy and Aaron. It was fabulous to be at the beach for Christmas. As you can see from the pictures it was freezing, windy and rainy, so no need to be jealous of the weather. We had so much fun marathon eating and hanging out.
With the new year approaching, so is the new life in our family! Just 6 weeks until my due date, February 10th. Which may seem distant to you all, but is very close for us! Especially since it is realistic for me to deliver anytime between January 20- February 24 (let's all hope and pray it isn't that late) We laugh at that window of 37-42 weeks! It is funny to think, "any time, with in five weeks, approximately."
We are on vacation from school for a few weeks, and for me until the next school year (Yippie!)
We are doing well, healthy and very excited! As for names we have a few on both sides and we plan on deciding when we meet the little one. And as for intuition as to if it is a boy or a girl, we both decide for about a week or two and then change our minds. Many people say boy because the way the belly looks, and just as many say they "feel" girl. As I always say, it is going to be one or the other and it is definitely going to be a baby.
Since every other person we know seems to have a birthday in February, everyone is pulling for the baby to be born their special day (Danny included, which is fine since his is the 8th). But all you late February birthdays better stop your wishing and think about an earlier day, unless you are planning on being my full time masseuse in those extra weeks.
Well, I hope our New Years excitement reaches you and that you are have some of your own. We can't wait to hear from you and hopefully there will only be one or 2 more blog posts before you get to meet or see the new babe! Health and happiness to all for the new year!
Orange you glad the final stretch is here?