Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time for Cookies!

Danny in his new wet suit baby carrier

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that you are ready for the new year. We spent our first Christmas in Santa Cruz with my mom, dad, brother and our friends Katy and Aaron. It was fabulous to be at the beach for Christmas. As you can see from the pictures it was freezing, windy and rainy, so no need to be jealous of the weather. We had so much fun marathon eating and hanging out.
With the new year approaching, so is the new life in our family! Just 6 weeks until my due date, February 10th. Which may seem distant to you all, but is very close for us! Especially since it is realistic for me to deliver anytime between January 20- February 24 (let's all hope and pray it isn't that late) We laugh at that window of 37-42 weeks! It is funny to think, "any time, with in five weeks, approximately."
We are on vacation from school for a few weeks, and for me until the next school year (Yippie!)
We are doing well, healthy and very excited! As for names we have a few on both sides and we plan on deciding when we meet the little one. And as for intuition as to if it is a boy or a girl, we both decide for about a week or two and then change our minds. Many people say boy because the way the belly looks, and just as many say they "feel" girl. As I always say, it is going to be one or the other and it is definitely going to be a baby.
Since every other person we know seems to have a birthday in February, everyone is pulling for the baby to be born their special day (Danny included, which is fine since his is the 8th). But all you late February birthdays better stop your wishing and think about an earlier day, unless you are planning on being my full time masseuse in those extra weeks.
Well, I hope our New Years excitement reaches you and that you are have some of your own. We can't wait to hear from you and hopefully there will only be one or 2 more blog posts before you get to meet or see the new babe! Health and happiness to all for the new year!
Orange you glad the final stretch is here?

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Turkey Waddle

Well, the final trimester is here and this baby is obviously thriving in the womb. (as you can observe in the pictures) We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we wish we could have been with all of you near and far. We got to spend some time with my relatives here in the Bay Area, and it was fun to think of all the babies that I've watched join that Thanksgiving/ Easter crowd over the years and how ours is next!
I am doing really well these days, especially with only 3 more weeks of work in my future! I am keeping up with my prenatal yoga, which has been miraculous with the changes of carrying around 20 extra pounds (and growing). It also has been so helpful to make other new mom friends and have a consistent group of support as the transition into mommy-land and towards birth continues to grow closer! (only 10 more weeks until the due date!)
Danny and I have also started birth classes. We are learning a lot and getting some good practice. There are some great stories we can tell from these. Like how the teacher acts out contractions for a realistic 60-90 seconds. We are talking full blown sound effects and on the floor action. Needless to say she is hilarious and has us doing some good active practice each class for pain coping strategies. Not only are we learning a lot about our options and possibilities, but physically getting to practice for the real deal.

That about all for now, I hope all is well with everyone and we would love to hear from you all soon! That would be a picture of me warming up for Christmas Bocce ball.......................................................>>>>>
Orange you glad for all the holiday treats? I am! I could eat all the oranges on the top of my blog if they were real- how is that for a Meganized pregnancy craving? Typical.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Juno days

Here I am as Juno for Halloween, chugging Sunny D. As you can see the bump is growing everyday! I am in my sixth month now and time is flying at this point. It is hard to believe that in just a few months there will be a baby in the house...
Every Monday I am going to a prenatal yoga class. It has been so fun to meet new people and learn new ways to use yoga in pregnancy and for birth. There are 2 other ladies in my class who are teachers and happen to have gone to high school in the same school district where I did, small world!
Danny is doing well and getting really excited about being a dad. He is doing his Friday night dance routine (with headband) in this picture. We are really in full baby swing these days with birth classes starting this week, expos, and meeting doulas. Other than that our lives are full with teaching. We are so excited about the holidays because it signifies my finishing of work and the most difficult part of the school year ending. Hope everyone had a safe an fun Halloween and I hope to hear from you soon!
Orange you glad for the pumpkins?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

up close and personal

eyes+nose+mouth= baby's face

Face picture

21 weeks- half-baked baby belly

21 weeks

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Breakfast in Bed

This has been an interesting month for sure. I am posing as a unicorn in this picture, which can pretty much sum up a lot of my mythical month. I have spent the last 2 weeks on bed rest. No pictures in Pajamas necessary, although my mom and dad did manage to get me some super cute ones for my birthday that got me through the second week. Everything is more than fine, but it was surely a surprise. My mom and Danny were my super heroes, coming to my rescue each day and night. As well as our many lovely friends who brought us meals each day. For that we are eternally grateful.
So I have been reading, talking, talking, talking, moving from side to side, watching movies and my new favorite thing..... skyping! If you haven't tried it, it is video chating for free! It is as close to hanging out you can get with folks who just happen to live in Austria, Vermont or Buelton. So get your self an external video camera for your computer, or if you have a mac just go for it, and download it. It is so much more fun than just talking on the phone, and much more free.

The belly continues to grow and the baby has been movin' to the grovin'. I started to feel the first bubbles of movement in the begining of the month and now s/he is definatly warming up for premire league soccer with Danny. It has been really fun to talk to the baby more too now, as her/his hearing has developed more to hear sounds outside my body. S/he dances around when Danny is close and when any of the Grandparents or around or audable. Isn't that awesome?
And new ultra sounds have confirmed it, this baby is definitly having fun in there. I was imagining that s/he was dancing and doing the party fist in there, and that is exactly what is going on. Danny defenatly noticed some switchfoot surfing practice when we got a closer look at the feet. We got some good pictures of s/he sucking their finger and of the footprints. All the toes and fingers are there, and so adorable of course.
Visitors! Here we have , Danny's uncle Steve, visiting from Washington DC, Lacie and Cousin Kurt in the Capitola village by our house. It was so good to see them all.
Orange you glad it is time for me to get out of bed? I am!
Thank you again to all our helper elves.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lovely lady bump

Well, the baby is definitely growing! I am at 4 months along now- 17 weeks- and every day my belly looks bigger and feels tighter. Danny and I are so excited! Seeing the bulge definitely makes it more real for him. These pictures are from Labor day weekend, at the beach with friends. We felt some pulsing movement in the belly, probably the cord, but we'll say the baby was caught dancing at the beach just for fun. Either that or the baby was practicing it's surfing moves like Danny would expect.

I am still feeling fabulous and definitely feeling the changes going on in my body. I am sleeping well and adding pillows to support my changing posture.
I go to bed super early, like 8:30, since school is back in session. It has been a hectic start with overloaded classes, a new principal and many needs all in my class. Things are balancing out after the holiday weekend, so relief is on the way. I think the kids are a much nicer this year than last. I am already pursuing long term sub possibilities for my leave in February- It'll be here before we know it! The plan for now is to take off until the next school year- a good 6 months. Orange you glad it's September? Cant wait to hear from everyone.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello, listen to me

Treebones lodge, Thanks for dinner friends! ( and thanks Bon Bon for the great summer reads)
Well, the latest and the greatest is that Baby J has made their first sounding into the world via dopler device. We went in this morning for our 12 week checkup- which really became a 13 week and many days check up- and heard the babe's whooshing woosh woosh heartbeat. It was the very first audible presence it will make on this world, and probably the quietest. =) It is so very amazing to be growing another living creature. Everything is great and the heart rate was a healthy strong 160, so all you old wives tale believers may gender predict off that what you will.
In other events we just returned from a week long escapade down the coast. Thanks to our lovely friends, we revisited Treebones Yurts in Big Sur where Danny proposed. This is a new picture we took this time that is very much like the one we used for our wedding invitations. Except this time we saw whales right before the sunset! Then we went to Hearst Castle, which if you have never done you definately should sometime in your life. There is so much art from all over the world, you would swear you were in a museum in Europe. On our way there we saw male elephant seals playing. So much easier to get to than Ano Nuevo.

After that we spent a couple of days in Buelton visiting Danny's mom and family. This picture is Danny, Haley, Cousin Val, New baby Harloe, Grandma and Grandpa Mexico (If Danny had less hair you probably would see the resemblance =)

After that we had one last main attraction to get to, Danny's cousin Kelly's fabulous wedding. Of course the battery on the camera died mid ceremony, but we took pictures of what we could. I don't think we even got any of the gorgeous bride and we defenatly didn't capture the rockin' ceremony- although we left our mark on the dance floor.

This picture is Danny's cousin Kurt, who just moved to San Jose by us, Yippie!!! Also included in the picture is his lovely girlfriend Lacey who we fell in love with instantly- she is amazing and so much fun. (also a hairstylist in Walnut Creek where I was born, small world)

This picture is Danny's cousin Courtney, the Maid of honor, and I outside the church.

This is a paparazzi shot Danny took of his Aunt Carol, Mother of the Bride, Grandma Jacobsmeyer, Courtney and John.

All this time with Danny's family was great and made me
miss my own cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma etc. Thinking of you all and sending my love across the nation. Remember we have a spare room and all are welcome anytime. (We continue to work on our future plans of the East coast couch surf=) Orange you glad this blog is almost over? Whoosh whoosh until next time.

P.S. This is Gina Ghiglieri and I. She is my most fabulous friend since first grade. She drove all the way from Studio City late one night so we could all hang out. Below is Todd, her new incredible boyfriend who Danny and I are in love with, Gina and Danny. Did I say that we love Todd? Thanks again for driving out Gene bean!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So since my lovely Aunt Stacey has been trying to get me to blog- I dedicate this one to her. I love it. This is in front of the Silver Spur- hopefully this is a funny memory now. This was nearly a year ago- It'll be our 1 year anniversary on Monday.

Summer has been whizzing by and I have mostly taken no pictures of all the fun. I really wish you could see my mom and I floating off the sailboat in the delta- it was glorious.

I have been baby-growing for 11 weeks strong now. Everything has been remarkably great. Here is the common stuff everyone has been wanting to be in the know about: I have suffered no morning sickness. I definitely haven't been able to tolerate anything with a red sauce- good by Italian food for now. I am loving lemon, lime, jalapenos, avocados, fruit, fruit, fruit, and all kinds of Asian food- especially if there are noodles involved. There is really no belly to show yet but when there is I will be brave enough to expose myself on the Internet to you all.
As for the gender, we are really leaning more and more towards not finding out until the healthy kid is born. Surprise is fun! So eager beavers may have to wait until February. Make sure you vote!
As for names- we are adding to our lists daily and love suggestions at this point.
We want to name our kid something different, but not weird. Being teachers has made this whole name thing very difficult because of connections to past students- some things can never be forgotten. Let's just say as much as we love our students, some names can never be used for our child. Maybe later on there will be another vote for this. Orange you glad my Aunt Stacey encouraged this. =) I hope all is well with everyone. Stay in touch by leaving a comment or email me . Hug Hug Kiss Kiss

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Blob

The blob is alive! Here is our first picture of the heart beating creature. Although it isn't all "textbook" to be sharing all this at 8 weeks along, we are just can't help ourselves. I hope you too can enjoy this journey, wherever it may lead, with Danny and I. The black is the sac and the little piece in the middle is our growing addition to the family. Right now we are working on rudimentary body parts and organs. That is my summer job. Orange you glad there is the miracle of life?

Ha Ha I am not afraid of the gown shot! There is going to be a lot more exposure than that in the next year. We were at Aptos Women's Health (which I always highly recommend to my lady friends looking for a lady place) awaiting. Orange you glad I didn't put up and internal exam shot? =)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Only Just Begun...

As the school year has come to a close, I can't help but to think of the changes that lie ahead. Summer Vacation has always brought a huge release from the pressures of life and a sense of accomplishment. Even if you don't adhere to the bell schedule any longer, it has been ingrained in you over the years to catch that feeling this time of the year.
"School's out for summer" rocked over the intercom as all the children ran to their freedom and their futures. For the teachers it has been one close finish, many worrying if they would actually make it through report cards in time or get that last service lined up before any more damage happens. This was my amazing team this year, aka the lunch crew. They really have become much more than colleagues, they are my friends. Without them I would be only half as good. These women should be on Oprah. The Fabulous Christina De La O and Maya
The Marvelous Martha Madlem
The persevering activist Carmen
The "best neighbor teacher ever" Jaimie
The Me- yes we can dance with no music for a long time and still have fun
Never underestimate the elementary school teachers. People often think aprons and stickers, but really we are the wildest of them all. Exhibit A: the frog feet. Gardening gloves to belong on you feet as fabulous dancing shoes. Cheers to my fellow teachers and fabulous team! This will be year that goes down in the books as one of the most difficult and best. My team has given me a sense of pride and ability to see our dedication. I think I'll make it through my 4Th year. Well that should do it for the beginning, Orange you glad it has only just begun?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

si es perfecto

Humm, I was wondering why no one was accessing my fabulous blog, why my deepest blog fears were coming true. Then I realized I forgot to verify my account. Now everyone can really access the inner wandering of my blog. Si es perfecto ahora. With summer on the way in a mere 3 weeks, I rejoice along with the tourists that crowd Santa Cruz streets. Thank god I live next to an ocean breeze.
The picture here is my dad on Mother's day at Seabright beach. Notice the two mini radios? The one on the left is $3.99 special made to look like an ipod. The goodness you are witnessing here is my pops version of portable stereo surround sound. Yep, the man who will soon be bringing you "MyFace: the new hybrid social network" has many other hilarious genius ideas to amuse today's generation. Orange you glad this man is my father and more of this comic relief will be carried on through the generations?
Mothers day beach picnic

Yet another reason I heart Danny Jacobsmeyer...
These are two 4th graders from his class after we took a bunch of them to an Earthquakes game in San Jose. In case you didn't realize it, 4th graders don't hold hands these days. I don't think any of them know I took this picture. awwwwhhh.
Orange you glad I married this man? I am.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Entering blogland

Here I come into blogland. I am not so sure how I will balance this into my life, but I think it'll be fun for me! My only fear is that no one will ever read this but me and I'll have some sort of weird blog-life that no one ever knows about...
As for my blog title, of course you know orange is my favorite and it just seems like the perfect nerdy ending to every web-life moment. As well as a pathetic attempt at staying positive.
Orange you glad that I followed the blogalites?