Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello, listen to me

Treebones lodge, Thanks for dinner friends! ( and thanks Bon Bon for the great summer reads)
Well, the latest and the greatest is that Baby J has made their first sounding into the world via dopler device. We went in this morning for our 12 week checkup- which really became a 13 week and many days check up- and heard the babe's whooshing woosh woosh heartbeat. It was the very first audible presence it will make on this world, and probably the quietest. =) It is so very amazing to be growing another living creature. Everything is great and the heart rate was a healthy strong 160, so all you old wives tale believers may gender predict off that what you will.
In other events we just returned from a week long escapade down the coast. Thanks to our lovely friends, we revisited Treebones Yurts in Big Sur where Danny proposed. This is a new picture we took this time that is very much like the one we used for our wedding invitations. Except this time we saw whales right before the sunset! Then we went to Hearst Castle, which if you have never done you definately should sometime in your life. There is so much art from all over the world, you would swear you were in a museum in Europe. On our way there we saw male elephant seals playing. So much easier to get to than Ano Nuevo.

After that we spent a couple of days in Buelton visiting Danny's mom and family. This picture is Danny, Haley, Cousin Val, New baby Harloe, Grandma and Grandpa Mexico (If Danny had less hair you probably would see the resemblance =)

After that we had one last main attraction to get to, Danny's cousin Kelly's fabulous wedding. Of course the battery on the camera died mid ceremony, but we took pictures of what we could. I don't think we even got any of the gorgeous bride and we defenatly didn't capture the rockin' ceremony- although we left our mark on the dance floor.

This picture is Danny's cousin Kurt, who just moved to San Jose by us, Yippie!!! Also included in the picture is his lovely girlfriend Lacey who we fell in love with instantly- she is amazing and so much fun. (also a hairstylist in Walnut Creek where I was born, small world)

This picture is Danny's cousin Courtney, the Maid of honor, and I outside the church.

This is a paparazzi shot Danny took of his Aunt Carol, Mother of the Bride, Grandma Jacobsmeyer, Courtney and John.

All this time with Danny's family was great and made me
miss my own cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandma etc. Thinking of you all and sending my love across the nation. Remember we have a spare room and all are welcome anytime. (We continue to work on our future plans of the East coast couch surf=) Orange you glad this blog is almost over? Whoosh whoosh until next time.

P.S. This is Gina Ghiglieri and I. She is my most fabulous friend since first grade. She drove all the way from Studio City late one night so we could all hang out. Below is Todd, her new incredible boyfriend who Danny and I are in love with, Gina and Danny. Did I say that we love Todd? Thanks again for driving out Gene bean!