Sunday, May 18, 2008

si es perfecto

Humm, I was wondering why no one was accessing my fabulous blog, why my deepest blog fears were coming true. Then I realized I forgot to verify my account. Now everyone can really access the inner wandering of my blog. Si es perfecto ahora. With summer on the way in a mere 3 weeks, I rejoice along with the tourists that crowd Santa Cruz streets. Thank god I live next to an ocean breeze.
The picture here is my dad on Mother's day at Seabright beach. Notice the two mini radios? The one on the left is $3.99 special made to look like an ipod. The goodness you are witnessing here is my pops version of portable stereo surround sound. Yep, the man who will soon be bringing you "MyFace: the new hybrid social network" has many other hilarious genius ideas to amuse today's generation. Orange you glad this man is my father and more of this comic relief will be carried on through the generations?
Mothers day beach picnic

Yet another reason I heart Danny Jacobsmeyer...
These are two 4th graders from his class after we took a bunch of them to an Earthquakes game in San Jose. In case you didn't realize it, 4th graders don't hold hands these days. I don't think any of them know I took this picture. awwwwhhh.
Orange you glad I married this man? I am.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Entering blogland

Here I come into blogland. I am not so sure how I will balance this into my life, but I think it'll be fun for me! My only fear is that no one will ever read this but me and I'll have some sort of weird blog-life that no one ever knows about...
As for my blog title, of course you know orange is my favorite and it just seems like the perfect nerdy ending to every web-life moment. As well as a pathetic attempt at staying positive.
Orange you glad that I followed the blogalites?